The Eco Fleece Collection: Sustainable Comfort Redefined

Eco Fleece Loungewear outfit

We're thrilled to introduce our latest venture into sustainable fashion — the Public Myth Eco Fleece Collection. Fleece lined leggings, pants and a turtle neck crafted with a meticulous blend of Tencel Lyocell and Organic Cotton, this collection is designed for the conscious consumer who seeks both comfort and environmental responsibility without compromising style.


Eco Fleece Turtle Neck in Clay grey



1. Eco Turtle Neck Long Sleeve

Elevate your wardrobe with this timeless piece perfect for the modern woman embracing sustainability. The fleece lined Eco Turtle Neck Long Sleeve seamlessly combines style and warmth, making it a versatile addition to your sustainable clothing repertoire.











2. Eco Fleece Lined Legging Dive into unparalleled coziness with our Eco Fleece Lined leggings. Ideal for both lounging and physical activities on cold weather days These leggings redefine athleisure by fusing functionality with Eco-friendly materials, ensuring you stay warm, comfortable and stylish on every occasion.


Eco Lounge Pants in black and grey






3. Eco Lounge Pant Experience the epitome of sustainable loungewear luxury with our Eco Lounge Pant. The inside is fleece lined for added warmth allowing you to unwind in style and comfort, knowing that every moment spent in these lounge pants is a conscious choice for a better, Eco-friendly tomorrow.






At Public Myth, we understand the importance of sustainable clothing in today's world. Our Eco Fleece Collection embodies our commitment to providing high-quality, Eco-conscious garments at a moderate price point. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a wardrobe that cares for both you and the planet. Embrace sustainable loungewear and athleisure without sacrificing style. Shop the Eco Fleece Collection today and step into a world where comfort meets conscience.

Eco Lounge outfit with pants and turtle neck sweater

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