Taylor Babakaiff


Tayla Babakaiff

Tayla began teaching group fitness classes after graduating college 4 years ago. She had no idea the impact that teaching and cultivating a community would have on her, and each individual that chooses to come to her classes. Teaching pushed Tayla out of her comfort zone. Each class, she motivates every individual to show up as the best version of themselves and does the same.
Being new to Vancouver, Tayla’s goal is to create a welcoming, fun, and safe environment to teach and show up for others.
Tayla’s love of people has taken her to build connections through her podcast Rise & Shine. Rise & Shine covers topics that move in the direction of growth and the empowerment to think differently. Tayla believes that health, wellness, and connection amplify all things good in life and that it’s something that should be shared.
She also has a love of traveling! So far, Tayla’s been to 11 countries and plans on going to many more in the future!
Enjoy the cardio party!
Need a playlist to work out? Tayla's got you covered with this one here.
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