Mindy Harley


Hi all! This Canadian has lived most of her life in Canada, a few years in Mexico and I now reside in Omaha Nebraska with my husband and three fur-babies! I consider myself an old soul with a penchant for adopting stray animals and passing on some of the life experience I've been through to others who come asking (my friends fondly call me Yoda and as a Star Wars fan mad about it I am not). I am my own boss and love every minute helping entrepreneurs and small businesses 10X their online strategy as a Social Media Business Consultant. If they're busy and want to free up more time I also have them covered with my Social Media Management Team. While I virtually live online (see what I did there), I love doing the occasional bikini competition to sharpen my tenacity, travel, cook, and curl up with a great book. I believe that an attitude of gratitude is key to opening up more abundance in life and I wake up every day grateful to be able to have the life that I do.

Who's your muse? This title goes to both my Mother and my Aunt. They have both been incredible role models in my life encouraging me to go after my dreams and stand up for what I believe in.
What is your favorite PM piece? I am IN LOVE with the Matte Black High Rise Leggings (and so is my husband) the material feels buttery soft and moves like a second skin!

What is your favorite meal, or go to snack? My go-to snack would be my fruit and nut protein mug cake in a bowl of unsweetened cashew milk! Zero guilt and 100% sweet tooth killer!
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I am dying to visit South Africa and spend time with my friends I met through social media.
Describe yourself in 3 words. Passionate, Resilient, Stoic
What is your favorite way to work out? Just throw me in the weight room with a good playlist, my pre-workout and I'm in my happy place!
What are you most passionate about? I am most passionate about helping others see and believe in their potential for greatness. We are on this earth for a short time, and that means there is no time for playing small and dimming our light for fear of failure or what others may think. 

IG: @mindyharleyofficial