Melanie Rivera



I'm a master hairstylist at an Aveda Salon for 10 yrs now!

I’m a lover of all things beauty, fashion, food, and fitness!

Went through a pretty rough time in my early 20’s trying to figure out who Melanie was, unfortunately it led me down a very dark road of substance abuse but I had an incredible awakening at the age of 25 and have made a complete 360° life change for the positive through fitness!

My purpose in this world is to share my story, stand up for what I believe in, and share everything I’ve done that has gotten me to where I am today.
In hopes that someone or anyone who sees my content can relate and understand that no matter the current circumstance, we have the ability to create whatever life we want, we just have to BELIEVE in it!

Who’s your muse? My mother Carmen. She’s the definition of a BOSS BABE. As I get older, I notice I’m becoming more and more like her and nothing makes me happier!
What is your favourite PM piece? My favorite PM pieces are hands down the Dutchess sports bra. The cross neck gives me Selena vibes and shows off the shoulder boulders in the most flattering way. And the bamboo pocket leggings! The fabric is insanely comfortable, yet supportive. Pockets for all your tingz, (it’s a term that use lol) and most importantly gives the booty sooo much life! aha
What is your favourite meal, or go-to snack? My plant based stirfry is hands down my favorite meal! It’s been a staple in my diet since forever! I switch out my veggies & sauces to get variety, but the core of it mostly consists the same every week! I post the recipe and ingredients on my IG story all the time! :) 
Favorite snack: I love toasting kamut puffs in a pan with spray oil, stevia and cinnamon and will eat it as is, or as a topping for protein icecream!  Yummy semi sweet, low carb snack!
If you could travel to any place in the world, where would it be? I haven’t pin pointed the location yet,  but honestly ANYWHERE where the water is crystal, the sun is hot, and the air is crisp! 
Describe yourself in 3 words. GRIT. PASSIONATE. CONFIDENT. 
What is your favourite way to work out? I love working out in circuits! I make up a routine out of 4-6 exercises focusing on 3 groups: upper body, core, and I would say lower body but let’s be honest...BOOTY! Depending on the day, I’ll smash a routine out in 30 minutes, getting a killer pump while getting some good cardio in as well! 
What are you most passionate about? I’m a human with a lot of passions. Fitness, beauty, food, and when I get to preaching about making these things a lifestyle, I get the most fired up! I mostly love to put myself to test. TEACH or simply SHOW what I do that has given me success aaand that’s exactly what I get to do on all my social media platforms! I’m too blessed!

Instagram: melanie_valeriefit
Youtube: Melanie Valerie