Jenessa Tran

Jenessa Tran


Jenessa was born and raised in Vancouver BC. Jenessa is the daughter of 2 baker parents and enjoys baking and eating sweets. In her spare time, she loves experimenting with new recipes and flavors.

She first found her passion for health and wellness back in 2017 when she set a goal of consistently practicing yoga. It was difficult in the beginning but the combination of powerful movements, stretches, and breath work left her wanting more. Yoga was more than just touching your toes, it provided her strength and peace. Consistent yoga practice led to the change of her education from interior design to kinesiology. Throughout her studies, she learned the importance of human movement and how it affects one’s life.

In 2019, Jenessa decided to follow her dreams of becoming a yoga instructor. She completed her 200hr Yoga Alliance certification in beautiful Bali. It was an amazing experience where she was able to learn from some of the best teachers from around the world. Being in a foreign place allowed her to be fully immersed in her yoga practice. This is where Jenessa fell in love with teaching.

After her yoga training she started teaching kickboxing. The studio brought her in and taught her everything from your standard HIIT workouts, to proper kickboxing form. It was very different from yoga, but the energy was addictive. However, her love for yoga pushed her to find a job elsewhere. In addition to teaching private yoga classes, she eventually landed a job at Oxygen Yoga and Fitness, teaching both yoga and fitness classes at multiple studios. Her classes are challenging and will push you to your limits and you will love it.
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