Embark on a fashion odyssey that goes beyond fleeting trends, immersing yourself in a community dedicated to values and positive transformation. Our brand stands as a tribute to sustainable materials, ethical production, and enduring elegance.

Within this lively community, fashion transforms into a catalyst for positive change. We champion diversity, sustainability, and the harmonious coexistence of style and ethical principles. Join us, where your choices propel a shared movement sculpting a more mindful and chic world. Step into a realm where fashion is not merely a statement; it embodies purpose, marking the commencement of your journey towards an eco-conscious and stylish lifestyle.


Public Myth is a sustainable brand Eco-consciously focused on creating the best activewear and loungewear for those who love to live a healthy and active life. We believe that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in our bodies. Foods with pesticides, hormones or other toxic chemicals they have a negative effects on our bodies just like if we wear clothing that was produced with toxic chemicals our bodies will absorb those which may lead to unhealthy side effects.

If you care as much about looking after yourself as best you can than please reach out and let's Actively Make an Impact together!