Sustainable leggings for everyday athleisure or workout



    Eco-Friendly Leggings: Luxurious Comfort with a Conscience

    At Public Myth, we’re committed to both style and sustainability. Our collection of sustainable leggings is designed for active women who care about the environment. Crafted from a blend of luxurious bamboo, Tencel™ Lyocell, and organic cotton, these leggings redefine comfort and conscious fashion.

    High Waist Bamboo Leggings 2.0: Made from ultra-soft bamboo fabric, our High Waist Bamboo Leggings 2.0 feature an innovative three-layered waistband. This high-rise design provides optimal comfort and support without feeling restrictive. Whether you’re running errands or hitting the gym, these leggings are your go-to choice. Available in Granite Black, they’re simple, clean, and perfect for everyday wear.

    Mid Rise Leggings: Our Mid Rise Leggings cater to your active lifestyle. Some styles come with accentuated booty-flattering back pockets or side pockets. These leggings are super comfortable and versatile—ideal for workouts, daily wear, or lounging.

    Join us in making a positive impact on the planet while looking fabulous. Explore our range of eco-friendly leggings today! 🌿🌎

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