GRIN influencer marketing software review



When looking to grow our social media partner relationships with influencers and creators we looked at many different programs and Grin had the best reviews and options so I decided to sign up, well that was a big mistake. Here's why;

We had a very small list of creators that we work with and the biggest reason in signing up with Grin was using their search tool which I was told by from the sales team that it was amazing for finding people that aligned with our brand values. With Grin you need to sign a 12 month contract that has an opt our within the first 30 days but the on boarding took longer that 30 days so by the time the trial was over you still didn't have a grasp of the program of know how to use it in it's entirety. My first product training was over 3 weeks into the beginning of my first month so the first month was already a waist of money and I still didn't have proper training in the program. In the meantime I had already been using the search tool for creators but struggled to find people that aligned with our brand. We are an Eco-friendly ethically made brand that needs to work with people who share the same values and are not posting fast fashion brands in there posts. 93% of brands do not manufacture ethically it's difficult to find those people who only post ethically made brands. Even though the search tool had many filters I was having no luck in finding people with that aligned with our brand. Due to the time it took to search with little results I decided to hire someone to help with the program as I felt it needed more time. The person that i hired spent over 3 months with and average of 2-4 hours a day and still no luck in making the program work for us. After all this work and trying and exhausting search efforts and spending over $20,000 between Grin fees and wages to use the tool I was forced to let the person I hired go as we were not seeing a return and just loosing money.

Grin may work okay if you already have a large network of creator/influencers but don’t even look at it before you do. Grin's creator content management tools are good, but you need at least 100 creators before it is of any value.